Friday, August 18, 2017

Lead Singers of the 1980s

Since the last music-themed quiz I did was a hit, why not another? This one is all about lead singers. I'll let you try it out first...

I only missed three, but as someone who grew up in the '80s, that kind of tells you how much attention I was paying to some of these bands.

How'd you do?

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Odd Egg

I had just gotten back from the grocery store. I wasn't feeling great (this cold is mild, but it lingers), and working roofers snarled traffic, so parking my car became more of an issue than it usually is.

Oh well. I was home. 

As I walked into the house, I managed to just miss the door, but cushioned by the bag of groceries held in front of me. The bag of groceries that housed the dozen eggs... 


Yup, I had smashed the egg carton, but luckily, I only managed to break one egg. A minor miracle. 

I managed to put the groceries away with no other incident, and I went on with my day. But one thought lingered. I now had an odd number of eggs. 

Silly, I know. But I never use just one egg. It seems like everything requires two. Which meant that unless I found some use for it, I would forever have that extra egg out there. Lingering. I'd never be able to get to even.

Ah well.

The next day at breakfast, I scrambled two eggs. After, I went to rearrange my eggs. I lost the carton they came in, so there was a bit of a juggle to house them in some way. And as I went to put that last egg somewhere... Splat.

It slipped out of my and and ended up on the floor in a big yellow mess.

This is what I get for complaining about one odd egg. Here is where I roll my eyes.

(Yes, it was a slow week. This is the sort of thing that would make an excellent stick figure comic, if I could do that sort of thing.)

Tuesday, August 15, 2017


At the heart of much speculative fiction (and fiction in general) is a question. What if? On Tuesdays I like to throw one out there and see what you make of it. Do with it as you please. If a for-instance is not specified, feel free to interpret that instance as you wish. And if you find this becomes a novel-length answer, I'd appreciate a thank you in the acknowledgements ;)

For today's question, I'm positing a scenario. You've been rescued from certain death by a group that's at war (literally or figuratively) with your "family". (That family can be the one you were born into or the one that you've gathered around you.)

What if the group that saved you now expects you to do their bidding? Do you? Or do you find a way to become a double agent?

Monday, August 14, 2017

Jellyfish No. 23

Last week was a low and slow week for me. I had hoped to finish writing up the pattern for the keychains I've been working on. I've got most of it done, but not enough to be able to post it this week.

So, instead I'm posting a picture of the latest jellyfish. I finished this guy about two (three?) weeks ago. And I just spent the better part of 20 minutes verifying that he is #23. Sigh.

(Link to the pattern.)

Note to self: perhaps one should number the jellyfish inventory to help with this count in the future.

The colors on this one are for a very specific purpose. I had a request for one for the newly born granddaughter of the lady from the farmers market. She wanted it to match the colors of the baby's bedroom. But we had a pink/coral problem. I posited this color combo. She didn't think it sounded like a good idea. So, I made the color combination she requested. But then I had to make this one just to prove it would also work. And here it is.

I had the colors in yarn already. Why not?

I wish you a good week.

Friday, August 11, 2017

All Out Podcast Episode

I'm changing things up today. My SIL did a podcast...

Image may contain: 2 people, text

I've mentioned her struggles before (here, here, and here). If you've got about 43 minutes, go ahead and take a listen. The episode is here.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Misread the Schedule

The continuation high school is back in session. Their first day was last Tuesday. I was there on Wednesday.

(The teacher had a training for the district. The rest of the district is on summer vacation, so she was the only one who needed a sub.)

2nd period. I hate calling out the roll, so when possible, I do the "reverse". That is, I walk around the room with roster in hand and ask each student his/her name. They tell me, and I mark them down as present.

Because it was the second day of school, schedule changes continue to happen. So, when a couple of the students' names were not on the roster I had, I wrote them beneath the list. After making the rounds, I sat at the computer to input the roll. And that's when I discovered that Brian was not in the class.

Okay. No problem. I went over to him and explained that he was in the wrong class. I did it gently.

"No. This is my class. I'll prove it to you..."

And he pulled out his schedule.

Mind you, I was not accusing him of "visiting". I assumed it was an honest mistake.

As soon as I saw his schedule, I understood the problem.

The continuation high school has this thing called "advisory". They meet once a week, kind of like what I understand a home room used to be. They get announcements. Important papers are passed out to them. That sort of thing.

But, with the software that generates schedules, they have no way of marking "advisory", so they call it period 0. And the students should learn that period 0 is for their advisory class. But newbies to the school are still learning their way around.

Brian had this English class 1st period. 2nd period he was supposed to be elsewhere. But, he didn't look at the periods; he only counted down lines from the top. (Why his advisory teacher didn't realize he shouldn't have been in his class 1st, I have no idea.)

I explained where he was supposed to be. And he was not pleased. He stormed out of class, angry. I let the teacher he was supposed to have know what happened, and then settled in for the rest of the period.

Turns out having Brian leave mellowed the table he was sitting at way down. (They weren't terrible, but they were way more quiet once he was gone.) So, bonus!

I worry about embarrassing them about things like this. I guess I shouldn't worry so much.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency

This is my occasional foray into the TV shows I watch that you may have missed...

Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency started out as a book by the late, great Douglas Adams. You've heard of him. He wrote The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and its sequels.

When I was in high school, I went through a Douglas Adams phase. I started with the Hitchhiker novels, and then I read the other novels he wrote. It's not a long list. But so much of the books stayed with me. Dirk Gently introduced the idea of Zen navigation.

Anyway, when I heard BBC America was doing a TV show, I knew I had to see it. It had been decades since I'd read the books, but as the series wasn't following them anyway, that didn't much matter.

The show was on last year. And it's weird. Very weird. Just recently (while catching up on Doctor Who), I saw that they were doing a marathon of the show. And that led to me discovering that there's a season two coming. Hooray!

So, anyway, what is a holistic detective? There's a bunch of gobbledygook about the interconnectedness of all things to solve the whole crime. Or not. It's been a while since I read the books. It's all an excuse for the plot to be all over the place.

And it is all over the place. There's time travel. Body swapping. The murder that starts off the show takes place in a hotel room, and it apparently happened by shark. Finally, there's a small black kitten that ends up being incredibly important.

The freaky thing is, all the loose ends do tie up at the end. By episode two or three you might not think so. You might have trouble following everything that's happening. But there is a coherent thread throughout, and the final explanation makes the whole season make sense.

I will warn you that some of this is very violent. There's a "holistic assassin" who racks up quite the body count before the ending. And I did mention death by shark in hotel room?

But if you keep with it (and you like weird), you will be rewarded. It may not appear to be sci fi at the beginning, but it is. Way out there sci fi, naturally.

If you get BBC America, it is available on their OnDemand and on their app. (Although, my OnDemand only shows the first two episodes.) And my cursory internet search shows that it may be on Netflix and Hulu. (Same search shows new episodes starting in October.)

The trailer for season 1:

Willing to give this a try? Or does it sound too weird for you? Have you heard of it before? Or seen it?